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propertyHNW Planning financial advisers may provide Strategic Property Advice. Some financial advisers with higher levels of training are able to provide Specific Property Advice.

Strategic Advice might include:

  • Sector allocation / risk management analysis / investment strategy advice
  • Understanding negative/neutral/positive  gearing
  • Understanding the changing real value of money and debt over time
  • Providing generic cash flows for a typical “generic” investment property purchase or consequence of a sale
  • Insurance needs that may alter along with debt commitments
  • Alternative asset and strategy options
  • ‘What if’ scenarios of changing interest rates and/or rents
  • Strategies to pay back debt
  • Differing management preferences of personal as opposed to investment debt
  • Tax efficiency of debt and investment structures
  • Things to watch out for in making a purchase, contracting management, or making a sale or purchase.
  • How Much Is Enough-style analysis in figuring savings requirements to meet shortfalls, and
  • Timing of and the use of superannuation in one way or other for any of the above (including setting up a SMSF).
  • Other items such as:
    • Who can and can’t occupy the investment,
    • The need for ‘arm’s length’ leasing arrangements,
    • Stamp duty issues,
    • ATO guidance regarding restrictions on asset improvement, and
    • Issues in and around pension strategies.
  • Complications or considerations for estate planning,
  • Whether an SMSF might be used and associated costs, suitability, risks and controls; and
  • Unwinding / exit strategies

Specific Advice might include:

  • Cash flows, costs, suitability of a particular identified property.
  • How a particular property’s characteristics might align or conflict with other financial planning requirements and priorities.
  • Identifying a particular property for investment.
  • A strategy for first home buyers.
  • A strategy for the property of an aged person now (or likely to be) domiciled in high care.

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