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investmentsOur Approach to Investment Advice

HNW Planning Advisers look at long term expectations.
Our Advisers recognise that results from investment decisions have to be seen both in terms of the dollar value and the suitability of the returns.
This suitability of returns may be that returns are as capital gains or as income, with or without volatility.

Suitability might also take into account the consequential risk of any investment (that is, if something does go wrong, what might be the flow-on effects to your given circumstances).
Targeted results will come largely from the strategic allocation between investment sectors (Australian shares, international shares, property, fixed interest, etc).

HNW Planning Advisers are not tactical sector allocators; we do not advise you on how to make short term bets on which sector will outperform another. Rather, we advise on a diversified and appropriate long term target allocation that might vary strategically over time and in line with long term forecasts and comparative opportunities.

We define ourselves as ‘medium to long term strategic sector re-allocators’.

Market returns can be compressed into three elements: income; growth in income; and, the effect of changing valuation ratios. HNW Planning looks at long-term expectations of market drivers and expects reversions to the long term means or trends of the key indicators. Such key indicators include: Price to Earnings Ratios, Earnings per Share, Corporate Profits as Share of GDP, Price Earnings of Australian Shares compared to International Shares, etc.

We also believe that, where possible and in order to save transaction costs, changes over time in the strategic allocation of capital to investment sectors should generally be made with new capital or from the earnings from existing investments in preference to selling one investment to buy another.

Investment Options

  • Direct shares, installment & endowment warrants
  • Managed funds
  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Investment property strategies
  • Master trust & wrap investments
  • Virtual wrap technologies
  • Margin lending strategies
  • Protected equity strategies
  • Mortgage reduction & wealth creation
  • Regular savings & investment
  • Capital protected structures

Ethical Investing

HNW Planning advisers can accommodate:

  • Exclusion of targeted industries or companies
  • Inclusion & support of specific industries.
  • Incorporating your views on environmental, social, ethical and governance issues
  • Negatively screen for, or positively include specific investments

HNW Planning is able to take into account your views on environmental, social, ethical and governance issues. It is possible to negatively screen for, or positively include specific investments or types of investments to focus your capital to support a particular purpose.

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