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Aged Care Advice

aged care adviceWhen families are faced with the need to place a loved one in Aged Care, we understand it can be confronting in many respects. The way you knew life will never be the same. Firstly there’s the emotional need to find the perfect new home for your loved one, then there’s the financial needs to be taken care of.

Often families find the financial aspect to be the hardest, with questions like: ‘Why do we have to pay an Accommodation Bond?’, ‘What’s the difference between an extra services and a non-extra services place?’, ‘What sort of fees will I be paying?’, and even ‘What have Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs got to do with Aged Care?’ This is where we can help take the hassle out of it so that you are clearly aware of the real financial costs to your family.

Remember, Aged Care providers aren’t licensed to provide advice to better your situation and reduce fees. You should ask yourself who’s interest they’re looking after if they do provide advice.

We have advisers who specialise in this area, so are well versed in the intricacies and complexities of Aged Care; they’re capable of taking the hassle out of the seemingly confusing maze of Aged Care placement. The best part of working with one of our advisers is that they will use strategies to assist you to reduce the ongoing cost of permanent care, thereby preserving family capital and decreasing the likelihood of having to top up the costs of care from your own pocket.

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