Introducing HNW Planning

HNW Planning Pty Ltd is a privately owned AFSL and ACL

HNW Planning is a dynamic, technology- and process-driven boutique Australian Financial Services Licensee, providing an innovative and appealing service offering for representative to enable them to build multi-income stream businesses.

As an HNW Planning representative, if you want to advise on property we can help you do that. If you want to become involved in lending for your clients, we can help you do that also. Likewise with direct shares, SMSFs and using traditional and discount platforms.


Different types of AFSL Authorised Representative

HNW Planning offers several types of Authorised Representative in our AFSL...(Read More)
  • Authorised Representative – all strategic advice and products, as AFSL licence allows
  • Restricted Authority – Super designed for accountants to offer strategic advice on super, including SMSFs, with no product sales
  • Restricted Authority – Insurance or Investments designed for limited advice on, and to deal in, personal insurances or investments only.
  • General Insurance - sub-authorisation through specialist partners
  • Specific Property - advise on specific property through financial planning processes with PI cover (additional education required)

Credit Authorisation

Through our ACL we offer both Full (mortgage broking) and Restricted Credit (incidental needs) Authorisation for credit assistance activity.

Privately Owned

HNW Planning does not make particular platforms either compulsory or prohibited. Instead, advisers may use a platform so long as the platform is to the client’s advantage and the adviser can demonstrate competence in it.

Products & Training

HNW Planning offers an extensive approved product list and training programs....(Read more)


A broad description of our APL (Approved Product List) is: ‘Recommended’ or better with Lonsec, Top 250 shares, various approved Listed Investment Companies and ETFs, and most 1st-tier personal insurance providers. HNW Planning encourages advisers to be ‘strategy-centric’, to use direct shares, SMSFs and direct property, and to make sure that appropriate insurances are employed.

Training and Mentoring/Horizon Expansion

If you do not currently offer one of these services to your clients, we can help you build your business in Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking, General Insurance or Residential Investment Property. ...(Less)


All margins passed on ...(Read more)

All identifiable marketing margins, dealer rebates or like payments are passed on according to your preferred Option.
  • Option 1 - Flat Fee
  • Option 2 - Commissions are split from ‘Dollar One’ and at a varying percentage according to a 26-fortnight moving average revenue.

Technology Solutions

A state-of-the-art 'adviser portal' provides: ...(Read more)
  • Commissions Management
  • Client Management
  • Document Template Engine
  • Modelling
  • CPD training and other compliance reg
  • Usability for both Credit and Financial Planning activities
  • Client sharing protocols

Introducing HNW Planning Video

Other Features & Benefits

HNW Planning provides many other features and benefits ...(Read more)
  • Workflows, advice systems and templates built into planning software
  • Commission reporting - historical as well as received but unpaid
  • Commissions paid fortnightly and commission splits fair and reasonable
  • Marketing margins and dealer rebates shared in the same way as any other commission payment
  • Basic training costs included
  • Dealer contribution for deployment of approved business coaches
  • Panel of external paraplanners
  • Principals of the dealer group are also planners using the same tools and systems
  • A low cost service delivery mechanism via technology platforms allows us to pass a greater share of income to you.

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